Make Your Writing More Native

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for elevating your writing from an ESL level to a more native fluency. You can simply prompt it to proofread your work or make it sound more natural.

Prompt: Proofread this
Prompt: Make this sound more natural

Other interesting prompts include requesting it to polish your writing or rephrase any awkward parts.

Prompt: Polish my writing and replace any awkward parts
Prompt: Rephrase any awkward word choices

Below is an excerpt from a diary, with the "before" and "after" versions. As you can see, editGPT enhances the language and improves the flow.

This is not something many other Grammar tools can accomplish, as they mainly focus on grammar improvement. Therefore, EditGPT is a valuable tool for enhancing your everyday language and observing the changes made by AI.

Prompt: Proofread this diary entry and make it sound like its from a native speaker.

Revised with editGPT Browser Extension:
23% of passage rewritten
Original Word Count:  111
Revised Word Count:  102
Today was a busy day for me, i. I live in tTaichung and go to school here. I wokegot up early in the morning and wentalked to school, the school i. It's far away from my house, but i likeI enjoy going there.
I learn many things therea lot and make new friends too. I haved math, science, eEnglish, and history classes today, all the subject is. They were all hard, but i tryI did my best to understand. After school, iI went back to my house, ialked back home. It was a long walk, but iI didn't mind it, i like to walk andbecause I like to see the scenery along the way. I am so'm tired now, but iI'm happy that iI had a good day.

The image below is a screenshot from the new editGPT editor.