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IGreetings! We would like to introducepresent to you to our new and exciting start-up business in the beverage and hospitality industry. Our company, “Brew-Genie”,, "Brew-Genie". Our company is an AI-runpowered coffee house located in the bustlthriving city of Toronto, Canada. Our brand represents the ideaembodies the concept of a "genie" that helps customers brew their perfect cup of coffee.

Toronto was chosenselected as the ideal location for our flagship store because it offers adue to its large population of coffee loveraficionados and the store’s's prime location, which is expected to attract customers during their busy schedules. Our target market segmentaticon sists of coffee enthusiasts aged 18-45 who are becoming increasingly familiar with automation and AI technologies.

The coffee house operates without
At "Brew-Genie", customers cany front of house staff, allowing customers to fully control the customizatiully customize their coffee experience without the need for front of their coffee. Thehouse staff. Our ingredients are organized in a user-friendly interface, andllowing customers can mix andto create their own unique "recipes" using our smart screen. All the ordering process, payment, and even coffee recommendations are completed bythrough our AI system based on big data, which records customer information and preferences.

Our pricing strategy is set at an average of $4.5, slightly higher than the average market price but still competitive with the top sales. Our mission is to provide a unique and innovative self-service experience through AI technology and t, while also being completely transparent about the ingredients in our coffee.

The keys to o
To ensure success include, we have developed a visually appealing store design, effective marketing strategies, and data collection to build a solidtrong base of loyal customers. We alsoOur plan is to expand our operations to other cities after the trial period, continuously improving and expanding our market share.

Thank you for considering “Brew-Genie” as a potential investment opportunit
We truly believe that "Brew-Genie" represents a fantastic investment opportunity and we would be honored to have you join us on this exciting journey. We look forward to the possibility of working together to bring our unique concept to life.Thank you for your time and consideration.Best regards,[Your Name]

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