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Project Manager, Acme Corporation, New York, USA Jan 2020 – Present
Design and maintainSuccessfully led the design and implementation of auto test scripts for feature and performance (UI basedvalidation (both UI and API based)
DManaged and deployed a Linux -based testing environment, constructed and managedincluding the development of a comprehensive system data dictionary
Used JMeter to execuConducted load testing for web application,using JMeter and analyzed test result ands to generate detailed test report
s for web applicationsProject Manager, Deloitte, New York, USA Apr 2018 – Dec 2019
Audited a listed company, vouched andConducted independent audits of a listed company, verifying financial records and conducting walk-throughs of clients' business independently
• Us
• Utiliz
ed VBA programming to processstreamline Excel files, shortening the original manual operation of 2 hours to 1 minute
processing, reducing manual operation time by 50%Data Analyst, JPMorgan Chase & Co, New York, USA Sep 2018 – Oct 2018
CollectGathered daily reports, and built and managed comprehensive financial database of 192 IT industry listed companies in the IT industry
• Processed and visualized data
, assisting in writing the industry research reports
• Crawled and Scraped industry daily news on Web Pages through Python Scrapy, analyzing
to support industry research and analysis, including the use of Python Scrapy to crawl and scrape daily news and analyze investor sentiment

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