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A Guide to Proofreading with AI

AI models like ChatGPT are great tools for writing, especially when provided with the right context. When it comes to proofreading, they're even better. That's because your text serves as the ideal context for the AI to work with.

Can ChatGPT proofread?

Yes, ChatGPT can proofread your text. It can check for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. It can also improve your text beyond simple grammar checking.

Size matters

The length of the text provided plays a crucial role when proofreading with AI. For example, if you give it a short sentence to improve, it will solely focus on that sentence. Conversely, by supplying your entire essay, the AI model will concentrate on enhancing weaker sections.

Proofread Comparison

Experiment with different prompts

The great thing about using AI for proofreading instead of tools like Grammarly is that you can set your own custom prompts. The output of the AI model varies quite a lot depending on the wording used. If 'Proofread this' is not changing your text as much as you'd like, you could use 'Proofread this, improving clarity and flow'

Here are some examples of proofreading prompts and the percentage of changes they typically result in:

Prompt% of Changes
'Proofread this but only fix grammar'10%
'Proofread this lightly'20%
'Proofread this '30%
'Proofread this, improving clarity and flow'40%
'Rewrite this, improving clarity and flow'50%

Below is a screenshot from editGPT AI Proofreader showing how intrusive each prompt is:

Proofread Comparison

How Resubmitting Helps

When you resubmit your text, the AI model generates fresh results. This flexibility offers you the advantage of exploring various revisions and refining your content until it aligns with your desired outcome.

Utilizing editGPT

editGPT AI Proofreader is an invaluable tool for harnessing the power of ChatGPT in the editing process. It enables access to prebuilt prompts, the option to select text lengths, and the ability to rapidly resubmit text until you achieve the desired outcome.

You can try the new editGPT AI Proofreader here